Friday, 1 July 2011

Colour: Today I'm loving..

The reason I love these boards is because this is what we're aiming for in our own home.
Our sitting room is heading this way.

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These are the colours that we have in our kitchen mostly because I love grey and have an old Chinese wedding cabinet which I brought back with me after living in Hong Kong.

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How did we achieve it in our home.

From left to right:

Vanessa Arbuthnott - Meadow Collection, Flora and Fauna in Charcoal and Clay/Charcoal. Organic cotton/linen union mix fabrics.

Farrow and Ball - Pigeon grey on the wall and Lamp room grey on the skirting. Ecos paints also have pigeon gray and can have an excellent colour matching service. We have the pigeon on kitchen cupboards and the lamp room on the skirting and woodwork.

Chinese wedding cabinet bought in Hong Kong years ago. Ours is a darker red then this one shown.

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