Sunday, 3 July 2011

Whats on in London: Chiswick Community School carboot sale

Today started off wonderfully sunny so instead of sleeping in I got up early and went to the monthly carboot sale just down the road in Chiswick.

Although I arrived before 9am it was already busy and I had to park some distance away but was glad I did as I got to walk down the lovely tree lined Stavely Road and pass two garage sales both collecting for charity. I bought a lovely Chinese paper cutting from one. Further along a local 9 year old had set a stall outside his house selling fresh pancakes with nutella or homemade plum jam which made a delicious breakfast. I then cut through Chiswick House gardens.

Chiswick Community School carboot sale is on the first Sunday of each month and has an excellent range of stuff to buy. Definitely worth a visit. See a few of my favourites below.

So what did I come home with? Several handpainted textile samples which will eventually be framed and hung on our wall.

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