Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Save The Tropical Zoo

I have recently learnt that The Tropical Zoo in Brentford, West London is having to relocate and they need to raise £310,000 to do so. I would like to encourage everyone to help them raise the money by donating then asking their friends to help too. Donations can be made at: Justgiving.com

A letter written by Alice Purdy who runs the zoo:
The Tropical Zoo (established 1990) is not only a centre for education / conservation but also a sanctuary for many unwanted and abused animals. Our aim is to pass on our passion for nature through interactive educational encounters, which inspire children to become more passionate and aware of the natural world. All of our animals are rescued, we house many animals from CITES at Heathrow Airport and the RSPCA. Housing unwanted pets allows us to provide the unique interaction with stress free animals. But our animals are much more than tools used for education, they are little souls that would not be here if it was not for our centre.
Over 70,000 local people visit us each year, at least 40,000 of whom are school children. Our conservation message is spread even further as we take our Roadshow’s directly to the classroom. We estimate that in the last 20 years our conservation message has reached over 800,000 school children.
Many children with special needs and severe disabilities find the interaction with animals therapeutic and enriching. There are no other opportunities for this kind of interaction in the local area.

Our current lease has been terminated due to the development of a Hilton hotel within Syon Park. Around 10,000 local families and many of our 500 regular schools have signed a petition to retain us within the local area.
The Hounslow Council have worked hard to ensure our facility remains within their borders. They have set aside 2 acres of land and given us a 125 year lease. We have major support throughout Hounslow Council and we are now at the Planning Stage.

The problem we have is that despite all our hard work and support from many friends, schools and local families we are still quite a way off reaching the £350,000 deposit in the timeframe we have. Can you help us in anyway! If you are inspired to make a donation please see our new page on www.justgiving.com/tropical-zoo ……or if you know of anyone who would like to invest….. or senior executives in local businesses or organizations who may like to donate, or any philanthropists……..or any advice or information would be gratefully appreciated.
Our website is: www.tropicalzoo.org
Don't hesitate donate today!
One of the four baby lemurs born this year at The Tropical Zoo. Ring-tailed Lemurs are endangered due to forest clearance and destruction of their natural habitat.

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