Sunday, 6 June 2010

Earth friendly cleaning company

After years of convincing the cleaners I employ at home to ditch the chemicals and use our earth-friendly products my housemate and I decided to invite a green cleaning company to do our weekly clean confident that we wouldn't have to continue the ongoing discussions about chucking half empty (degradable) bin bags and occasionally coming home to a nasty chemical smell.

I met Kate Belcheva founder of Ultimately Eco when she cleaned our Christmas pop-up shop and was impressed with how well she cleaned up a very filthy empty shop with a mixed range of eco cloths and no hoover so we called her company.

Kate always start working with a new client by joining her staff to do a thorough spring clean and that gave me the opportunity to ask her about why she started her company and gets some useful cleaning tips. I was particularly impressed with a sponge that removes dark marks on walls and paint work, and how great our stainless steel cooker looked after Kate had finished cleaning it with a cream usually used for babies bottoms.

1. What made you set up a green cleaning company?

Kate: I felt that I needed to contribute to the world somehow and because the environment is one of the most important issue's at the current time. Cleaning was something that I could do well and while living in Germany I came across green living idea's and the micro-fibre approach but my main inspiration for setting up the company came from reading a supplement in The Guardian called The Chemical World.

2. Are you green in your own home?

Kate: Yes, we have a numatic Henry hoover, we recycle, we compost, grow our own lettuce and we use our own cleaning services.

3. What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about changing to greener living?

Kate: Join 10:10 which can give you all the advice and recommendations to reduce your CO2 ommissions by the end of 2010.

4. Share three green tips for the home.

Kate:1. Be an intelligent consumer which means whatever is good for the environment is good for you. Seek alternatives to products containing artificial/man-made chemicals.

2. Be mindful and aware of your living habits as this will help you to see where you could do something.

3. Detox your life, body and your home.

Six weeks on we're delighted with the service and highly recommend her company.

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