Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Read: Casual Living no-fuss style for a comfortable home

Definitely one for the xmas list. Judith Wilson's latest book has great advice for a comfortable, relaxed home.

 A quick peek inside. I love the grey's!

Beyond the book if grey is your thing then visit a perfect grey


Anonymous said...

These are lovely. Any tips for how to transfer these spotless images into practical everyday living?

Lisa said...

I like the fact the rooms in these images are achievable in your own home.

Grey organic fabrics are available from O Ecotextiles and Mod Green Pod. Alternatively you could look for vintage fabrics. Non-toxic grey paints from The Little Green Paint Company have a lovely depth to their paints and for furniture visit local secondhand shops, ebay and auctions. Layer with textured cushions and throws handmade from British wool. Add a few much loved accessories and there you have it.

A Perfect Gray said...

beautiful images and thank you so much for the mention.

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