Sunday, 26 October 2008

Animal Welfare: Izzy Lane - Ethical fashion reared in Britain

Izzy Lane beautiful wool clothing from ethically managed, happy sheep.

After learning through her work with farmers who supply her organic food company Farmaround, that many who kept sheep were burning their wool as they could not compete with the price of wool imported predominantly from Australia and New Zealand which accounts for 85% of the wool used in manufacturing in the UK and 25% of wool worldwide. Izzy Lane began producing gorgeous clothing in a way that she hopes will demonstrate an economic model whereby sheep can exist, be valued and have a place in our world without becoming meat. The company pay's fair trade prices to save them and they live out happy lives in the Sheep Sanctuary.

Izzy's flock of Wensleydale and Shetland sheep comprise mainly of animals that would have been sent to slaughter for being male, missing a pregnancy, being a little lame, being too small, being too old or having imperfections on the fleece.

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good stuff!

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